Monday, February 4, 2013


The biggest news recently is that I have passed the half-way point for my exchange! It is really strange how long it has been since I have left America. It feels like it has only been a couple of months. It is also weird thinking about how in less than five moths I will be in the US again. Every month I’ve been becoming more attached to Turkey and I feel like when it is time to leave it will be really difficult.

Other than that, not much has been happening recently. I am currently on a school break, since at the end of the first semester we get two weeks off (although I didn’t go to school the week before the break started because there weren’t any classes, so I will have three weeks). And next week I will be off to Antalya for another AFS camp.

I have also been trying to improve my Turkish more, which has been difficult. Turkish is so different from English, and it has been hard trying to learn it. I have mainly been practicing vocabulary online, but I also try to speak it with my friends and family.


  1. Keep trying your vocabulary and pronunciation with your friends and family. The longer you are there, the more you should be switching to Turkish. Try to go a day without speaking English, then another day, then 2 days, etc. Asking for help is a good way to make friends. - Aunt Geri

  2. Alec - no update in over a month. What's up???

    1. It has been a bit rough and I have been going through a rut. I plan on adding more soon, thanks for the reminder