Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Last Day of American School

It is time to say goodbye to Kennebunk High School… It was my last day of school before I go to Turkey. I will be leaving in about two and a half months, which is still hard to believe. I can’t wait to experience a new culture, language, and family.

So far, my last summer in America seems great. The weather in Maine is great during the summer, so I plan on going to the beach often. I already have many things that I want to do, along with learning Turkish (of course). I recently bought a new unicycle to learn with and I found out that I am actually not that bad at golf, so there are two activities that I will be doing. I am still hoping to get a job, too!

I also have a few vacations lined up. I am going to D.C. in August, which I am really excited for. I am also going to theater camp later this month for a week, which was great last year. This year, I am going with more friends, so hopefully it will be even better this year J . My dad is planning a trip to see his family in Pennsylvania, and I will most likely tag along.

For my AFS trip, I bought another Turkish language book, this time it is a vocabulary book (my other one is more grammar-focused). I have also begun to raise money by putting donation jars in some stores across town. I thought it would be a good idea because my town has a lot of tourism, and it seems to be working just fine; I checked my earnings from the past few weeks and I already had at least $45! It might not seem like that much, but it is way more than I expected.

So anyways, not much has happened except for school, which has been difficult with all of my exams. I am excited for my summer and my foreign exchange, and I will continue to update throughout the summer J

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

AFS Events


So far, AFS has been really great. I have been to two AFS events this year: a trip to Augusta, the capital of Maine; and a Pre-Departure Orientation in Poland Springs.

In early April, I attended an AFS event in Augusta, the capital of the state of Maine. It is not that big of a city, but it is nice enough. I was excited for this trip because I went with one of my friends from Kennebunk (she was a hopeful student, she will do it next year). I was also extremely looking forward to watching the political process because I wish to do politics in college J . Coincidently, it was ‘Turkish Cultural Day’ in Augusta and there was a expo-like event in the Capitol Building about Turkish culture. On top of that, I got to meet the governor! J

Last month, I attended my Pre-Departure Orientation for AFS. The orientation was made to answer questions about exchange and to allow us to meet returnees and exchange students in the area. It was fun - we stayed overnight at Aggasiz Village (a camp resort on the lake, it was a really nice place). While I was there, I became friends with several people (mostly current exchange students), and I was able to meet a Turkish student that answered my questions about Turkey. I was also surprised by the amount of American students. There were no more than ten, and I thought there would be more. Also, I am the only one going to Asia (well, sort of).

Anyways, I really enjoy AFS so far. When I was choosing which organization to go with, I had many options and I am happy that I chose AFS J

I am standing next to Governor LePage :)

This is the Governor's signature coin - a tradition for Maine governors (and I got one!)