Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back from DC

And I’m back!

I got back from my trip to DC a few days ago :) It was quite a good trip and my friend Maria tagged along (it was the furthest south she’s ever been and her first time on a commercial airplane). We toured George Washington University and American University and visited a few others, but GWU and AU were my favorites :) We also visited a few museums and the National Zoo, which were both nice.

For my trip to Turkey, I’ve sent in the rest of the money for my tuition! My donation jar has raised over $200 so far, and I have all of the spare spending money I am going to need for my trip. It is definitely a good feeling knowing that my financial situation for my exchange is all settled :)


  1. hey! My name is Laura and I'm from Minnesota going to Peru this year, but I was just reading through blogs and I was really excited because I'm going to American University next fall when I get back! I hope you have a great year in Turkey :)

    1. That's cool :) AU seems like a really nice school. I'm hoping the fact that I'm going on foreign exchange will give me an advantage when applying for college.

      And I hope that you, too, have a great year in Peru! I like Spanish and it is an interesting country :)

    2. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to this year and AU :) I think it'll definitely help you stand out, not speaking from experience, but colleges love things like that, especially if you use it in an essay which will be a piece of cake.
      Turkey looks super cool, hopefully there aren't issues there from the Syrian civil war.

    3. Turkey does look cool (and I really hope it is, or I'll be in for a long year, haha) and I read an article in the Economist and it said there was little possibility of the Syrian war directly affecting Turkey :)