Thursday, July 19, 2012

Making Some Progress

¡Hola! (I know that’s not the right language, but I’m going to say it anyways)

The other day, I received my travel itinerary from AFS! It gives me information regarding everything about my departure. It says that I will be leaving on September 6th. I originally thought I would be leaving on the 2nd, which would have been bad because that is the same day that my sister goes off to college.

I am still studying Turkish, working on refining my knowledge on the spelling rules and verb conjugations. Recently, I discovered that a site that I have been ignoring for a while has some useful exercises for pretty much every aspect of Turkish grammar. I realized a couple weeks ago that even though I knew a lot of Turkish grammar, I had hardly any vocabulary. So, I decided to learn some. It is definitely difficult to learn; there seem to be hardly any similarities between English and Turkish vocabulary. Here are just some examples using some words I’ve learned:
Fast - Hızlı
April - Nisan
Car - Araba
Fifty - Elli
To wait - Beklemek
To answer - Yanıtlamak

This summer, there seems to be an unusual amount of Turkish people in my county. There are some working at an amusement park a couple towns over and there are some at the place my step-mom works. I learned recently that my mom’s friend has a Turkish roommate that will work at the bakery that both my mom and sister work. So, it seems that I will be meeting a few Turkish people before I go on exchange.

I have been taking English 101 over the past eight weeks in order to graduate on time. It has been a bit tough, especially considering I don’t usually do too well in English class K . It’s time has come to an end, however, and that means that all that’s left before going to Turkey is finishing my online health class :p

In other news, my birthday is coming up J ! I will be 17 (finally) and I am not getting much, except for a laptop and some money for when I am abroad. Another thing that has happened since last post is the arrival of my unicycle (it came the day after that post), and I have to say that it is great! It is the proper size, so I can actually go long distances, and I have been riding it around town.

These are some pictures of me on my unicycle :)

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